What’s New at The Lodge?

What’s New at The Lodge? 

We’re excited to unveil new menu specials as The Lodge. Our favorite local bloggers like Tampa Bay Eats Out, Tampa Food Review, and Eat Tampa have stopped by to give them a try, so what are you waiting for?

The new samurai king roll features tempura asparagus and shrimp, salmon and cream cheese tempura-fried then topped with warn spicy krab, tempura crisps and roe drizzled with wasabi aioli and sweet chili-coconut sauce. Give your sushi game a twist by ordering the S.S.S. burrito, Asian marinated salmon rolled with cucumber, sweet chili coleslaw, cream cheese and avocado served with a side of ponzu dipping sauce… need we say more?

Samurai King Roll

Samurai King Roll

The Lodge is getting a little fancy schmancy with the iron maiden steak marinated with garlic, Asian spices, and wasabi. The 8oz flat iron is served with truffled french fries and sautéed asparagus. Also served with asparagus, the blackened salmon deluxe is topped with a delicious, bright pineapple salsa.

These menu specials along with brunch items like the Elvis 2.0 can be found by visiting The Lodge or checking out our website. Don’t forget to take pictures during your visit and tag us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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Photo by TampaBayEatsOut

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S.S.S. Burrito. Photo by TampaBayEatsOut

Photo by Eat Tampa

Elvis 2.0. Photo by Eat Tampa